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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1:Which handicap and odds are your tips based on?

All our tips are based only on the popular Asian Handicap Odds. All handicap and odds obtained directly from Macauslot, sbobet,bet365......

Q2:What Are The Payment Options Available?

We offer Vietcombank & Local Bank Transfers & Western Union. We will explore more payment options from time to time, to provide a wider coverage for our clients worldwide.

Q3: How Do I Receive The Tips?
After payment,  you can login to your account and access the tips in our web.
We can send tips to your email too.
Q4:Don't you think your tips are a little too expensive?
No, we don't think so. We do think that our tips are worth the price because of its quality.
Q5: Can I Request For Free Trial Tips?

We apologise that we have indefinitely stopped offering free trial tips due to widespread abuse by visitors, and complaints from our paying members.

Q6:What If Your Tips Lost? What Guarantee Do I Have? is confident with it's genuine soccer tips service and if our tips lost or drawn, you will continue to access the tips on site on the next match day.

Q7:What should I do if I want to pay by Bank transfer or Western Union Worldwide Transfer?

Please send e-mail to with information about the location(state and country) that you will be doing the transaction and you prefer bank. We will reply you in less than 24 hours.

Cannot find your answers here?

If you still have any question which was not answered above, kindly drop us a contact form located at Contact Us page and we will try our best to answer all your questions, as soon as possible.

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